How to See a UFO- James Gilliland on Disclosure, ETs and the UFO Coverup
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James Gilliland appears on Channel 9 to discuss the UFO Coverup, disclosure and his own experiences with extraterrestrials. This is an awesome interview to see featured in the mainstream media. It highlights a global shift in consciousness around the world to the belief that we are not alone in the universe.

I love the way Gilliland describes how to ‘see’ UFOs. “You have to want to know,” he says. “Your brain actually chooses out of billions of bits of information what is your reality. So when you really are sincere and you come at it with pure intent and an open mind and a loving heart, then you start having contact,” he says.

There is so much more to reality than meets the eye and what we currently understand. We live in a quantum universe of pure energy. I have often wondered if humanity’s ability to make contact with extraterrestrials might be linked to our belief systems. Perhaps we need a critical mass of people to believe in the possibility of UFOs and ETs, before everyone can see them in physical reality? Mind boggling stuff.

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