TPP Conspiracy – What You Need to Know & Do
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  • What the heck is the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)?
  • Is the TPP a conspiracy?
  • Should we be concerned?
  • What can we do?

The TPP is a free trade deal being negotiated in secret by major corporations and government officials in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more. The fact that these talks are being held behind closed doors should automatically raise suspicions.

Corporations already supporting the TPP include:

Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wal-Mart, Newscorp, GE, Monsanto and Halliburton. You know, the normally ever-so-trustworthy ones.

Some of the things that corporations want in the TPP are:

  • Cheaper Labor Costs.
  • New Tools for Dismantling Environmental Laws.
  • Longer Drug Patents.
  • Further Financial Deregulation.
  • Caps on Food Safety Protections.
  • Concentration of Global Food Supplies.
  • Greater Access to Government Contracts.
  • Lower Corporate Taxes.

Basically, anything they can get that will give them more power, profit and monopoly.

Critics of the TPP include:

Noam Chomsky, Julian Assange & Wikileaks, the Natural Resources Defence Council, the World Wide Fund for Nature and pretty much anyone who has spent longer than thirty seconds reading through its Wikipedia page.

One economist has said that, “the TPP is a “Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom, giving big corporations and Wall Street banks a way to eliminate any and all laws and regulations that get in the way of their profits.”

New World Order Much?

Supporters of the TPP are calling its critics ‘conspiracy theorists’. But surely if they have nothing to hide and the TPP is in everyone’s best interests, they wouldn’t need to negotiate it in secret, would they?

What You Can Do

Please watch the video, sign this petition and share this page with your friends.

We need an open debate before it is too late.

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