Finding Infinity With Julian Assange - A Meeting of Two Activists
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August 2013

Ross Harding, the founder and director of a renewable energy activism project called Finding Infinity, has won a competition to be flown to London to meet with WikiLeaks founder and Australian Senate candidate Julian Assange.

Ross won the Deakin University (Australia) and OurSay competition earlier this week, after his question was voted as the best out of over 600 entries in an online voting forum.

“We want to power the world using only renewable energy! We believe the barriers are not technical or financial, but they are political and social. What are the barriers on this transition from your point of view, and how would you suggest is the best way to speed up the transition?” asked Ross.

The people who submitted the five most popular questions will be taking part in a live panel discussion at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia this Friday. Mr Assange will answer their questions from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and the event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

As the author of the top voted-for question, Ross will be flown to London to meet with Mr Assange at the embassy in person, to discuss his views on the renewable energy industry and the future of the world.

“I just think it will be interesting to hear Julian’s take on a topic that has a huge impact on the world we live in,” said Ross.

Finding Infinity is a fun multimedia activism project that promotes sustainability to the world. Relying on video, the Internet and some pretty cool orange sunglasses, Ross says his goal for Finding Infinity is to show people around the world how beautiful, logical and inevitable the solutions are to switch to renewable energy.

“Finding Infinity is about searching for solutions to a future based on infinite resources, communicating them in a fun and creative way and empowering people to become more and more involved in the solution,” he says.

Finding Infinity is a great example of one of many activist projects in an ever-growing movement made up of people and organisations all over the world, who are all working towards creating a more sustainable, compassionate and ethical way of life on this planet.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this meeting of two global activists goes, and will be tuning in to find out.

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