Al Gore on Climate Change – Corruption & Conspiracy
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October 2013

Al Gore on Climate Change. He says there is a global political conspiracy to prevent renewable energy use…

Former United States Vice President, Al Gore, suggests that politicians who deny climate change are like those who supported the tobacco industry.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week, Gore said that the Australian Prime Minister’s refusal to accept a connection between the current Australian bush fires and climate change reminded him of politicians in the United States who were corrupted by tobacco giants, so they would argue there was no connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.

“For 40 years the tobacco companies were able to persuade pliant politicians within their grip to tell the public what they wanted them to tell them. And for 40 years the tragedy continued,” he said.

Asked if he was suggesting there was some sort of commercial conspiracy going on between polluters and politicians, Gore replied that it was a political fact of life. “In the United States, our democracy has been hacked. Special interests control decisions too frequently,” he said.

Gore says these special interest groups have been able to control Congress and prevent them from doing anything meaningful to stop the climate crisis. “Energy companies, coal companies and oil companies particularly,” he said.

Commenting on the new Australian government’s plan to abolish the country’s carbon tax, Gore said it’s exactly the opposite that is required. “The meaningful way to solve this crisis is to put a price on carbon, and in Australia’s case, to keep a price on carbon,” he said.

One of the biggest objections to climate change is that it’s some sort of hoax devised by the likes of Gore to collect money from the masses using devices like a global carbon tax. But as Gore points out, he’s not fussed what happens to the money that’s collected. “It can be given back to the people, we don’t care,” he said.

For me personally, it seems common sense that humanity’s current behaviour would be having an unnatural and damaging impact on the world’s climate. We’ve cut down over half the forests that once covered our planet and we’re pumping god only knows how much pollution into our atmosphere every year. If we treated our lungs like that, we’d get sick eventually, and Earth is a living organism too.

In many ways the climate change debate is really quite irrelevant. Surely we’d all prefer to live in a world powered by renewable energy that isn’t controlled by the greedy oil cartels and their supporting politicians, regardless of whether the climate is changing or not. Or is that just too obvious? Maybe we should all take up smoking while we waste our time arguing about it.

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