Greetings Journeyer,

Do you sense there’s more to reality than meets the eye? A bigger purpose that you are here for?

Do you feel like you have a higher calling, but you’ve never been able to work out exactly what this is?

Are you seeking a more fulfilling career that enables you to give back to the world?

If so, then welcome aboard.

Begin Your Cosmic Journey

I’m Cassandra. I’m an author and life purpose coach. I help people to discover and activate their life purpose – so they can create a meaningful life doing what they are passionate about, and help play their part in the positive transformation of our world.

I do this by guiding them on immersive adventures through a fictional storyworld.

Because transformation can, and should, be fun.

Are you ready to begin your cosmic journey?

Enter a Wormhole...

Choose your own transformational adventure – enter the wormhole that best describes your current situation.

Just beginning my journey of personal growth and spiritual awakening. The Universe is my oyster!

Know I have a higher calling but not sure what this is or how to tune into it. Ready to find out!

Already know what my life purpose is but can’t seem to get started or stay on track. Could use some support!

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