A Fun Adventure to Discover & Activate Your Soul's Purpose

Do you sense there is more to reality than meets the eye? A bigger purpose that you are here for?

Do you feel like you have a higher calling, but you’ve never been able to work out exactly what this is?

Are you seeking a more fulfilling career that enables you to help create positive change in the world?

Enter a Fantasy Storyworld​

When you receive a channeled message from an interdimensional being, you discover that a dark secret is being kept from humanity.

Time is running out for planet Earth.

A number of human beings have been selected.

Each one has been given a unique task to help humanity awaken.

You are one of these human beings.

This task is your Soul’s Purpose.

Go on a Cosmic Quest

In this immersive learning experience, you’ll beam aboard a flying saucer and journey to the higher dimensions of reality in the Cosmic Journey storyworld. There, you must collect twelve mystical figurines. Each figurine contains an Attunement. These Attunements will empower you to raise your vibration and come into resonance with your highest vision. You’ll see how you can create a meaningful life doing what you are passionate about, and help play your part in the positive transformation of our world.

Enjoy Transformational Entertainment

Blending storytelling with tools for personal and spiritual growth, The Attunement Journey is unlike any transformational experience you’ve encountered before.

You’ll explore the higher dimensions, experience deep inner shifts, and activate your soul’s purpose.

You’ll confront lower vibrational forces, battle interdimensional entities, and raise your vibrational frequency. 

You’ll become part of a collective of beings who have chosen to help take power back from the global elites and transform the world.

Expect the Unexpected

But your journey will not be easy. A sinister force is controlling humanity and watching for signs of dissenters. They are aware of a growing threat to their power. They could follow you in their own interdimensional spacecraft and try to stop you. There is no guarantee you will succeed, or even return.

Journey to the Higher Dimensions

Take a closer look at where this extraordinary adventure will take you…

1. The Channeled Message

A multidimensional transmission that helps you tune into your purpose for this lifetime. You’ll begin to see how your purpose manifests in a vision that inspires you and a mission that you feel compelled to do. You’ll learn about the two phases of activation, and how you can use your unique gifts to contribute to the world.

2. Temple of Illumination

An ethereal temple of light where you can release unhelpful behaviours, shadow parts, and unsupportive situations that are holding you back and preventing you from activating your purpose. You’ll break free from your past programming and create the energetic space to manifest new possibilities. You’ll stop procrastinating and get the motivation you need to begin your journey.

3. Harmaline Island

A tropical paradise where you can connect with your spirit guides to retrieve the insights you need to develop your mission and tune into your vision. Whether you believe spirit guides are real or just your own intuition doesn’t matter. You’ll learn how to use this fun source of guidance to activate your purpose. You’ll discover the number one thing that prevents people from being able to open their third eye, and the secret to overcoming this.

4. The Sacred Vine

The Sacred Vine grows deep in the heart of Pachamama forest. Here you can deepen your faith in the higher guiding intelligence of the Universe. You’ll learn six steps to invoking this higher faith in times of need, so you can let go of any fear or resistance you encounter as you create your vision. You’ll find the inner strength and determination you need to keep going, regardless of external circumstances.

5. The Akashic Library

When you visit this interdimensional library you’ll create a deep level of commitment to activating your purpose. You’ll learn how to recognise transformational thresholds – intense phases of inner resistance you can experience when you are about to activate your purpose at a higher level. You’ll discover how to cross through these transformational thresholds unhindered, where many others would simply give up.

6. The Galactic Singularity

A transcendental gateway at the centre of the Milky Way. Here you’ll discover that the challenges and frustrations you encounter on the journey of activating your purpose are perfectly designed gifts from the Universe. Each one enables you to transform into the even more amazing human being you are destined to be. You’ll master the art of moving through your challenges and use them to unlock new levels of potential within.

7. Celestia Forest

A forest where intelligent orbs of energy dart amongst the trees. Here you’ll explore the energetic nature of reality and the connection between your energy field and your purpose. You’ll discover how to consciously manage your energy so you can stay in sync with your purpose as each new phase unfolds. You’ll identify and release energy blockages so you can align with the work you’re here to do.

8. Teepee of Ash-Ta-Ra

A cosy grotto where you can clear and release negative emotional states. As you clear away these lower frequency states of being, you’ll feel more positive and consequently be more productive as you activate your purpose. You’ll no longer be held hostage by your emotions and begin to see a dramatic improvement in all of your results.

9. The Quantum Wormhole

A spinning tunnel of interdimensional plasma that allows you to send your intentions into the future, so they can embed deep within reality at the quantum level. Here you’ll tune into the frequency of your intentions made manifest and start to attract the ideas and resources you need to create these. You’ll discover the number one thing that prevents people from creating their intentions and the secret to overcoming this.

10. Portal of the Shaman

A multidimensional dwelling where you will identify and clear away the disempowering beliefs and unconscious blocks that would otherwise hold you back and prevent you from activating your purpose. You’ll replace these with empowering beliefs instead. Your experience of reality is a reflection of your frequency. When you change your beliefs, you’ll shift your frequency and expand what you are capable of.

11. Timelines of Ascension

At these infinite timelines you’ll awaken to your true identity as a soul on a journey of ascension and see how everything in your life is divinely perfect and meant to be. You’ll understand how the energies you’ve chosen to experience in your current lifetime are exactly what you need to activate your purpose. You’ll identify core wounds and trace these karmic energies back through your timeline to clear and release these.

12. Falls of Etherica

A sacred waterfall where you can let go of any anger, hurt, or resentment you have towards others. You’ll lovingly cut energetic ties with people and relationships that are draining your energy or holding you back. When you cut these ties you’ll raise your vibrational frequency and attract more positive and harmonious relationships that energise and support you as you activate your purpose.

13. The Merkaba Stargate

An interdimensional portal where you will discover the ultimate secret to activating your purpose. You’ll find out how to raise your frequency and come into vibrational resonance with your highest vision. You’ll see how you can live a meaningful life doing what you’re passionate about and play your part in the positive transformation of our world.

What's Included:

13 x 1-hr Audio drama episodes of The Attunement Journey (delivered via digital audio download), featuring storytelling, visionary artwork illustrations, and original soundscape design. 

12 x Guided journeys to expand your awareness, trigger new insights in your unconscious mind, and shift blockages from your energy fields.

13 x Transformational exercises to create new connections in your neurology for instant, practical results.

Prepare for Liftoff

Planet Earth needs activists, creatives, and visionaries. It needs changemakers, seekers, and awakeners. The Attunement Journey is a fun adventure that will inspire and empower you in the role you’re here to play at this pivotal time. 

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