Spiritual Revolution - The Biggest Shift Of Our Time
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We are living in a time of spiritual revolution.

“The most revolutionary change underlying the transformative era in the next half century is the demise of religion and the rise of spirituality,” says Alan Nordstrom, a professor of English at Rollins College in Florida.

Indeed. In the latest edition of Futurist, the World Future Society’s magazine, Mr Nordstrom summarises what he thinks will be one of the most dominant trends to impact global society this century.

He says we will see belief systems that have been passed down from authoritarian institutions fade away. They will be replaced instead by a higher level of common sense, kindness and compassion. All this will be fuelled by our ever-developing communication systems and networks.

“Our former penchant for exploitation and domination will have been sanitized by education, informed by humane values promoting cooperation and collaboration on common interests and mutual benefits,” he says.

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