Short Films with a Spiritual Message – Tragedy and Hope
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An interview I did with a filmmaker who produces short films with a spiritual message…

I love speaking to inspiring and enthusiastic people who are doing their bit to help with the planetary shift. Writers, filmmakers, activists and artists… there’s an ever growing movement made up of countless individuals all over the world who are working to raise collective consciousness in their own unique way.

I recently spoke with Isaac Blencowe of Tragedy and Hope Productions. Isaac is a filmmaker who produces short films with a spiritual message that document his journey from the realms of conspiracy theory to spirituality, a path that many of us who have opened the conspiracy can of worms can personally relate to.

“If you look through my YouTube channel you will see that it is basically a reflection of my awakening, starting out with conspiracies and politics and then moving into philosophy and spirituality, which I now believe to be the most important truth,” he said.

Indeed. Isaac told me the reason he creates his films is because he went through his own awakening process a few years ago and since then, he has been inspired to help others do the same. “There is far more to life than most people are lead to believe,” he said.

Isaac often likes to include the spiritually philosophical speeches of Alan Watts in his films. He says he does this because the knowledge presented by Watts is now more important than ever before. “I truly believe that we are going through an unprecedented consciousness shift, that will completely revolutionize the structure of our society and planet forever,” said Isaac.

Not only is this shift inevitable, says Isaac, but it has already began. “It will be incremental and take time, but it will be the most significant change in the history of humanity. It is my hope to contribute to this process, this is why I will continue to make videos for as long as I can,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. You can check out all of Isaac’s films for yourself here.

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