Inspiring New Russell Brand Revolution Video – The Time is Now!
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January, 2014

Isaac Blencowe, the editor and producer behind Tragedy and Hope Productions, has released an inspiring new video (below) featuring recent commentary by Russell Brand about the need for a revolution of consciousness.

Showcasing the best of Brand’s ideas on why we need a revolution in consciousness alongside a moving soundtrack, the video summarises everything from the problems of the current corporate and political elite system, to the philosophy of the Occupy movement, to the need for a spiritual awakening in which we all recognise love, compassion and oneness.

Blencowe tells me the reason he chose to focus on Brand is because he’s a great example of how people are starting to wake up and see the world in a different light.

“The fact that Russell Brand is already in the spotlight and is speaking out about this stuff helps people to accept it than if some random individual speaks of it,” he said.

Blencowe stresses that the revolution in consciousness isn’t about a sudden or violent overthrowing of tyrannical governments, but an incremental, vast shift and that it is already underway.

“We are moving from the animalistic mind which has been dominant throughout the course of human history to a universal consciousness that sees every individual as the one underlying source that is the Universe,” he said.

(This article featured at Conscious Life News)

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