How the Paris Attacks & ISIS Threat Can Be Used to Awaken Our Consciousness
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Instead of reacting to the Paris attacks and the ISIS terrorism threat from a place of anger, hatred and fear, we can see these events as an opportunity to awaken human consciousness to a higher vibrational state of being. One that embraces unity, compassion and oneness. Here’s how.

Every human being is part of the same unified field of consciousness. This consciousness is manifesting in infinite potential across a spectrum, from lower vibrational frequencies to higher vibrational frequencies. Lower vibrational frequencies of consciousness are dark and heavy. They manifest as fear, anger, hatred, insecurity and judgement. Higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness are light and bright. They manifest as love, kindness, compassion, unity and oneness.

Our world is a mirror that shows us our current collective vibration. If we want low vibrational consciousness to stop manifesting in our world, we must shift our collective consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency. To do this, we must awaken to the fact that we are holographic beings co-creating our reality. We must realise that we are all one.

ISIS terrorism is a form of lower vibrational consciousness. People who choose to join ISIS of their own freewill resonate with this low vibrational frequency. Reacting to low vibrational consciousness with thoughts and actions that are also of a low vibration is counterintuitive. Any behaviour towards the Muslim community, Islam, or refugees that comes from a place of hatred, anger, violence, fear or judgement will actually help ISIS.

All potentials of vibration exist in every single one of us. Ultimately there is no difference between any of us. We are all parts of the same consciousness, awakening and transforming in a myriad of ways. Fully realising this would bring an end to violence that stems from a place of perceiving we are different.

9/11 triggered a wave of awakening in Western consciousness. As many of us questioned the atrocities and sought to obtain meaning, we began to realise that things are not what they seem. This led (for some, but not all) to a spiritual awakening. The Paris attacks and the problem of ISIS creates a similar opportunity. We are being shown which parts of human consciousness have still yet to awaken, both in our enemies, and in ourselves. We are being given an opportunity to act consciously from a place of love and acceptance, instead of reacting unconsciously from a place of hatred and fear.

Everything in our world is a reflection of our consciousness. As long as we identify with and act from a lower vibrational frequency we will continue to experience our shadow as it manifests in all of its various ways. If enough of us can awaken and hold a higher vibration, we will raise the collective vibration and our world will change. We are all here to play our part in the awakening and evolution of consciousness. We must come together and realise we are One.

Here’s how to raise your vibration.

(This article featured at Conscious Life News)

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