How to Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
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Deep down, you know there’s something special you’re here to do. Whether you want to call it your life purpose, soul’s purpose, your passion, your bliss or your soul’s task… it’s much more than a career or a job you enjoy; it’s your life’s work.

It’s that mission or project that inspires you. It’s the work you feel called to do. It’s the role that you and only you alone can do, based upon your unique journey through this life, what you learn along the way and the obstacles you overcome.

Indeed. When you discover your soul’s purpose and start working towards it every day, your life becomes infused with meaning; you feel happy that you’re expressing you’re true self and deeply fulfilled that you’re living authentically.

how to discover your soul's purpose

What is a Soul’s ‘Purpose’?

It’s believed by some shamans, mystics and healers that before we’re born, we meet with our spirit guides and decide what we’d like to tackle next as part of our overall ascension. We then choose a family and life circumstances that give us the best chance of carrying this out.

That’s right, we choose our families and life circumstances. Some people find this difficult to believe… our life circumstances and families often don’t feel all that supportive.Yet it’s precisely these energies that are required to give us the necessary learnings and experiences we need in order to carry out our purpose. As we move through life, we continue to attract situations and people that support us in carrying out our purpose, provided we remain self-aware, follow our heart and take action accordingly.

How do you live your soul’s purpose?

The simplest way to understand the process of living your purpose is to think of it in two phases. I call these phases initiation and leadership.

Phase One – Initiation

The first phase involves a somewhat challenging process of initiation, in which you awaken to the possibilities of who you are and master certain skills, insights and understandings.

This phase isn’t easy. Once you have discovered your soul’s purpose, there can be doubts, frustrations, setbacks and lots of time wondering if you are really meant to be living your purpose at all, or if you should just stick to an easy job in the system.

The trick is to take one step at a time and keep going. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, and as you undergo this initiation phase, the universe will give you everything you need to raise your vibration and transform into the person who can carry out the second phase.

Phase Two – Leadership

The second phase of living your soul’s purpose is where you apply what you’ve learnt and who you’ve become during the first phase to give back to the world. This role is unique to everyone. Whether you become some sort of leader, activist, social or spiritual entrepreneur, artist, teacher, coach, guide, practitioner… the second phase of living your purpose will be a fully self-expressive role and suited to your particular personality.

Like the first phase, the second phase of living your soul’s purpose comes with its own set of challenges. You’ll go through a gradual process of learning and refinement, but you will be well equipped to manage this, and if you remember that the entire process of living your purpose is really one of spiritual evolution and transformation, you’ll find a way to keep going, even in the trickiest of times.

how to activate your soul's purpose

So, how do you discover your soul’s purpose?

At some level, you already know what your soul’s purpose is. The following questions will help you get more clarity. I’ve used them quite successfully with my clients over the years and I highly recommend that you invest 45-minutes now or in the next few days to do this important self-discovery work.

Simply grab a pen and paper, spend three minutes answering each question in turn and write down as much as you can during that time. Trust your intuition and have fun.

1. What do you enjoy learning about and what are you interested in?

2. What types of books, magazines, documentaries and websites do you like to read, watch and engage with?

3. What groups, clubs or organisations are you a member of?

4. What ideas and topics do you enjoy thinking about?

5. When you were younger, what did you like pretending to be in games that you played and why?

6. If you had all the money you’d ever need, what would you still do for free?

7. What are your skills and what are you particularly good at?

8. Which question do you spend lots of time reflecting on or thinking about? Or if there was one question, what might it be? For example: How can I be happy? How can I raise my consciousness? How can I stand in my power? How can I uncover the truth? Tweak it until it feels right and resonates with you.

9. What message would you most like to share with the world?

10. How can you best give back to the world and help make it a better place?

11. Reflecting on all your answers, what might your purpose be?

12. What might the first phase (initiation) of your purpose involve? What skills might you have to learn?

13. What might the second phase (leadership) of your purpose involve? How can you help others?

14. What are you going to commit to doing now as a result of this?

Well done. Hopefully you’ve now got more clarity on what your purpose is.

how to discover your soul's purpose


Living your soul’s purpose isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve been living mine for several years and it’s still incredibly challenging. But for all of that, nothing comes close to the sense of reward I get from being able to do what I’m most passionate about every day. I love being able to walk my own path through life, doing work that inspires me and that I believe helps makes the world a better place. If everyone on this planet took this approach, imagine how different life could be. So without further ado, I’d like to suggest that you discover your soul’s purpose and start living it today.

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