Why You Should Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
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In The Twelve Attunements, Sophie discovers she has been given a unique task by a transcendental being called El-Quan-Tem. Realising this is her purpose, Sophie commits to doing whatever it takes to carry out her task.

Would you like to know how to discover your soul’s purpose? We all have one. It’s the thing or reason that drives us and it’s what’s most important to us to do during our lifetime. It might be to inspire others, to promote awareness or to stand in your power and help others do the same. When you discover your soul’s purpose and start working towards it, you allow greater levels of joy and fulfillment into your life.

In order to successfully carry out your soul’s purpose, you must raise your vibration, awaken and transform. Then, once you have created a strong foundation, you can use your skills and knowledge to give back to the world and help do your bit for global awakening, too.

Some examples of soul’s purposes might be:

“Grow spiritually and help others do the same.”

“Deepen my connection to the planet and educate others to do the same.”

“Stand in my power and guide others to do the same.”

It’s one thing to discover your soul’s purpose, but quite another to understand how you are going to carry it out. You need to find your own unique expression, which will involve a process of trial and error. A good place to start is with the things you enjoy the most.

Have a think about your soul’s purpose. Do you know what it is? Would you like to find out? Are you working towards it as much as you can?

Wherever you’re at with your soul’s purpose, remember it’s a gradual process with many ups and downs along the way. Also remember that the universe would never give you a soul’s purpose you couldn’t achieve… so keep going. Trust in and enjoy the process. After all, in the end it’s not really about achieving your soul’s purpose, but in how you transform along the way.

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