A Fun, 1-Hour Zoom Call to Tune into Your Vision and the Role You're Here to Play

You’re searching for something meaningful to do with your life. A job where you can make a difference. But nothing you’ve come across yet ignites your inner spark. Nothing gives you that sense of purpose and belonging you’re looking for. That’s because there is a deeper pattern to your life’s journey. You have a higher purpose encoded within.

Your life purpose is much more than a career or a job you enjoy. It is a path that enables your personal and spiritual growth. It’s a guiding structure that enables you to contribute to the world in positive ways.

When you discover your life purpose and start living it, you find meaning and fulfilment. You feel inspired and motivated. You start to live authentically. You have a sense of direction and access new energies within. You feel happy because you’re carrying out your life’s work.

Why You Don't Know What Your Life Purpose Is...

Even though your life purpose is already programmed into you, it’s buried underneath the lower vibrational patterns in your unconscious mind and energy field. Disempowering beliefs, energetic blocks, negative emotional states….

All the gunk you’ve picked up on your life’s journey so far is preventing you from tuning into the signals the Universe is transmitting to you. You might see glimmers of your purpose here and there in the things you’re passionate about, in the problems you like to think about solving, and in your natural gifts, talents and abilities. But what you really need is someone who can help you see the forest for the trees.

This Session is For You if:

You realise there is more to reality than meets the eye. You want to live a spiritually meaningful life.

You value personal growth and want to help create positive change. These things are just as important to you, if not more so, than material possessions.

You’ve been looking for pre-existing jobs where you can make a difference, but nothing you find seems like the right fit.

You have had multiple ideas about things you would like to do. You think you can bring something to the world, but you can’t decide on exactly what this is.

You’re concerned about where the world is heading. You want to play an active role during this pivotal time of planetary change.

You want to do something to help—however big or small. You can no longer be a passive bystander during this critical time.

What We'll Do:

In this 1-hour Zoom call, I’ll help you tune into your life purpose and the role you are here to play during this time of accelerating change. You’ll see how your life purpose manifests in a vision you are inspired to create and a mission you feel compelled to do. You’ll see how you can express your weird and wonderful personality traits to bring something to the world that no one else can. And you’ll get a deep understanding of the underlying transformational process that is required to succeed on this journey.

What You'll Get From This Session:

You will know what your thing is! Or you’ll have a pretty good idea anyway. You will get a life purpose summary statement that, when you read it, resonates deeply. 

You’ll start to see how your life purpose wants to express itself through a vision – something you are here to create for the world. And a mission – something you feel compelled to do.

You’ll see how your gifts, talents, and abilities fit into your life purpose and vision.

You’ll identify the personality traits you already have (but are not yet fully expressing) that will help you create your thing.

You’ll start to think about the message you are here to share and your own unique way of doing this.

You’ll learn about the two phases of activating your life purpose and see what these look like for you specifically.

You’ll know the exact steps you need to take next.

Who Am I to Help You Discover Your Life Purpose?

My name is Cassandra Sturdy. I’m an author, transformational coach, and creator of the Cosmic Journey immersive transformational series. I’ve been on this journey for over a decade. Throughout this time, my purpose has been the underlying thread that has woven my work together. As I’ve taken steps towards my vision and simultaneously cleared the gunk out of my own unconscious mind, I’ve been able to tune into what I am here to create in more and more detail. I know how challenging this journey is and the level of commitment that is required. It is not for everyone. If you think you can just merrily magic up your thing and skip away from your day job, think again. It takes a long time. Results won’t happen overnight.energy field that has been stopping you from doing this up until now. I’ll help you master the underlying transformational process that is required to succeed. You’ll start to tune into your vision and feel confident and excited that you can create this.

What This Session Is Not

This session is not going to give you a crystal clear outline of your vision. This is something that will grow and evolve in time as you do. Think of your vision as an intricate sculpture you have to chip away at a boulder to get to. This session will give you a solid starting outline and a chisel.

This session is not a breakthrough session. You will not get any big shifts. This session is me asking you a series of questions and helping you uncover what is really important to you in life and what makes you tick. I will then put this into a workable format for your journey.

This session is not a sales call. I will not do any sales with you. My job is to help you uncover your life purpose and give you enough information and inspiration to get started on your journey.

What Will Happen in the Call?

We will connect via Zoom video call and I will guide you through a series of questions so I can understand the things you are passionate about, what drives you internally, your dreams and goals, your personality traits, and how you would best like to contribute to the world. I will piece all of this together and create a clear summary of your life purpose and show you what each stage of the journey of activating your purpose involves. If we’ve got time, I will also help you map out your purpose into each area of your life, so you can start living it right now. (If we don’t have time, I will give you instructions on how to do this).

By the end of the call, you’ll have heaps of clarity and a structured, workable template. I will also explain the underlying process of transformation that’s required for you to succeed on your journey, so you are well equipped for the road ahead. The call will be fun. This is my favourite session to do with people and they always walk away with complete clarity on what their life purpose is.


The full price for this session is $150 USD. However, as an experiment, I am currently offering 20 of these sessions in for free in January. 

*** Update: These sessions were recently promoted by Conscious Life News and booked out within a few hours. I am now offering 10 more sessions in February for $25 USD (a girl’s gotta eat). ***

Why? Quite selfishly, my hope is that some people who do this session will end up wanting to work with me again in some capacity, or another.

There is zero pressure to do this. I genuinely love doing this session and helping people to uncover their life purpose. If I can help you get started on your journey and the role you are here to play at this time, I will be happy!

Book Now

I am offering these sessions in February of 2021. I don’t know if I will offer these again or not. Or if I will keep the experimental price. So if you think this is the right fit for you, please book now to avoid missing out. You can kickstart 2021 living your purpose!


“Cassandra is awesome. I am absolutely certain that she will help me attain my vision. She totally rocks as a coach and has been a gift from the Gods for me when I needed it most.” – Ross Pittman, California

“Cassandra has the gift to put abstract concepts into comprehensive, easy digestible and tangible information and step-by-step methods. I have already learned a lot and I am looking forward to more coaching sessions and to achieving amazing results with what she has taught me!” – Marion Bosenberg, Perth

“Cassandra has had such a positive impact with my personal growth and achievements. What I thought seemed to be long term goals I have been able to achieve much quicker than I ever expected whilst doing what I love. Thank you Cassandra! It’s really nice to have coaching based on my purpose and truth.” – Astrid Roussety, Melbourne

“With Cassandra’s no-nonsense advice and guidance, always seeming to know exactly what I need to hear, I’ve been energised and feeling on purpose to navigate my way through some very challenging experiences, and mapped out a life plan that drives me. I consider anyone that gets to work with Cassandra to be very fortunate.” – Michael Impey, Melbourne

“You will always tell me how it is and not just sprinkle hundreds of thousands all over it! Thanks for teaching me how to reach my dreams and create a fulfilling life.” – Rebecca Leach, Melbourne

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