A 12-Session Personal Coaching Program to Help You Get Started on Your Journey

You know what your life purpose is and you have a rough idea of how this manifests in a vision – something you are here to create for the world, and a mission – something you feel compelled to do.

And yet, you can’t seem to get started. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the array of choices before you. Perhaps you are fuzzy on how all of the pieces fit together. You’re waiting for certain things to be in place. You don’t feel ready yet. You want more certainty before you fully commit.

Why Activating Your Life Purpose is Hard

To activate means to make active. To start work. But even if you have a rough idea of what you want to do, it can be tricky to take the plunge. That’s because the lower vibrational patterns in your unconscious mind and energy field are creating inner resistance…

Disempowering beliefs, negative emotional states, energetic blocks, unintegrated shadow parts, unsupportive habits… All the gunk you’ve picked up on your life’s journey so far is preventing you from getting started. This unconscious baggage causes you to come up with all sorts of reasons and excuses as to why you shouldn’t begin your journey. These reasons and excuses can even seem highly convincing at the time. When you do finally get started, this inner resistance can prevent you from progressing.

Imagine your life purpose is a blueprint for your full, self-actualised potential. Think of it as a template that your destined future self has already grow into. All the time that your consciousness is blocked with these low frequency patterns (that you aren’t even consciously aware of), you will find it difficult to tune into your future vision and get the insights you need to develop your mission. Your spacecraft’s GPS will be off kilter and you won’t be able to locate your true coordinates.

You Must Come into Attunement with Your Vision

You must clear away these lower vibrational patterns if you want to create your vision and accomplish your mission. You will then become a clear channel for the work you are here to do. Your consciousness will expand and you’ll feel more confident in your abilities – not perfect, but enough to take the next steps. You’ll intuitively know what these steps are. You’ll get the insights you need, and attract the right people, resources, and situations.

This Program is For You if:

You’re someone who cares about personal growth, self-actualization, self-expression, authenticity, sustainability, peace, social justice and the environment.

You are an innovative or creative person who wants to create positive change in the world and help shape a new way of life for the twenty-first century.

You’ve got a rough idea of what you’re here to do but you don’t know how to get started. You feel overwhelmed. You keep procrastinating or going off on tangents.

You know what your life purpose is and you can see some glimmers of your vision. But you’re still fuzzy on how all the pieces fit together. You feel blocked and don’t know where to begin.

You’re waiting for certain things to be in place before you start. You don’t feel ready yet.

What We'll Do...

In this 12-session coaching program, I’ll help you get started on the journey of living your life purpose. I’ll help you identify and clear away the lower vibrational gunk from your unconscious mind and energy field that has been stopping you from doing this up until now. I’ll help you master the underlying transformational process that is required to succeed. You’ll start to tune into your vision and feel confident and excited that you can create this.

You Will:

Clear away the initial overwhelm, procrastination, confusion, doubts, fears, and frustrations that have been stopping you from getting started on your journey.

See how you can blend your unique gifts, talents and abilities together to create something that the world needs and that you feel inspired and motivated to do.

Start to tune into your highest vision, break this down into manageable goals, and feel excited about creating this.

Put a structured system in place that supports you as you step into the role you are here to play at this pivotal time.

Stay organised and focused as you develop your mission and begin to put its various moving parts into place.

Keep on track, achieve your goals, and maintain a positive outlook regardless of external circumstances.

Work in alignment with the Universe to create your vision. 

Who Am I to Help You Activate Your Life Purpose?

My name is Cassandra Sturdy. I’m an author, transformational coach, and creator of the Cosmic Journey immersive transformational series. I’ve been on this journey for over a decade. Throughout this time, my life purpose has been the underlying thread that has woven my work together. As I’ve taken steps towards my vision and simultaneously cleared the gunk out of my own unconscious mind, I’ve been able to tune into what I am here to create in more and more detail. I know how challenging this journey is and the level of commitment that is required. It is not for everyone. If you think you can just merrily magic up your thing and skip away from your day job, think again. It takes a long time. Results won’t happen overnight. Because of this, it is vital you have the right guidance.

What This Program Is Not...

This program is unlikely to see you through to the completion of your vision. Because of the nature of this evolving journey, your vision could be something that takes you years to create. This program is about getting you started, helping you learn how to navigate the road ahead, and equipping you with the right resources for your bizarre adventure.

This program is not a marketing or business program. Whilst I can help you with these things, there are people I know who are far better at that sort of thing. This is about me showing you how to tune into your personal channel in the Simulation and develop your unique vision.

This program is not straight-up regular coaching. Whilst I am trained as a Master Results Coach, I also bring my creative skills and innovative mindset into the mix to help you, too. (I am something of a growth stock investor in my spare time and have a keen interest in innovative companies that are creating positive change in the world).

What Will Happen in the Sessions?

We will connect via Zoom video call and I will help you create a supportive system in your life that enables you to start living your life purpose in a financially sustainable capacity. This doesn’t mean immediately giving up your day job. It means focusing on your long term vision and helping you get to a place where you feel ready and able to do your thing. We will identify patterns in your consciousness that are preventing you from tuning into your vision and clear these away. I will guide you as you brainstorm, practice, develop and create. If your vision is a creative or innovative project, I will show you how you can apply the transformational tools I give you to build your thing. Think of your vision as a pre-existing morphic field embedded in reality. I will help you tune into the right frequency so that you can make it happen.

What You'll Get:​

12 × Fortnightly 1-hour Personal Coaching Calls, where I draw on my skills and certifications as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Trainer, Results Acceleration Master Coach, Performance Consultant, Neurological Repatterning, Advanced Subconscious Reprogramming, Core Shamanism and Hypnosis, $1200

Ongoing phone, text, and email support throughout your coaching program, $300

Exclusive access to The Attunement Journey, $150

Total Value: $1650


Your Investment: $1,111 USD

(Payment plan available: 5 x $245)

Living your Life Purpose: Invaluable!

All prices are in United States dollars. 10% of your investment will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature to help wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

Are We a Good Fit?

Please note, I’m super busy writing and producing and only have time to support a handful of clients. I will only suggest I work with you if I think we are a good fit and if I genuinely think I can help you create your vision.

Email me at cassandra@cassandrasturdy.com if you’re interested and we can organise a Zoom call to discuss further.


“Cassandra is awesome. I am absolutely certain that she will help me attain my vision. She totally rocks as a coach and has been a gift from the Gods for me when I needed it most.” – Ross Pittman, California

“Cassandra has the gift to put abstract concepts into comprehensive, easy digestible and tangible information and step-by-step methods. I have already learned a lot and I am looking forward to more coaching sessions and to achieving amazing results with what she has taught me!” – Marion Bosenberg, Perth

“Cassandra has had such a positive impact with my personal growth and achievements. What I thought seemed to be long term goals I have been able to achieve much quicker than I ever expected whilst doing what I love. Thank you Cassandra! It’s really nice to have coaching based on my purpose and truth.” – Astrid Roussety, Melbourne

“With Cassandra’s no-nonsense advice and guidance, always seeming to know exactly what I need to hear, I’ve been energised and feeling on purpose to navigate my way through some very challenging experiences, and mapped out a life plan that drives me. I consider anyone that gets to work with Cassandra to be very fortunate.” – Michael Impey, Melbourne

“You will always tell me how it is and not just sprinkle hundreds of thousands all over it! Thanks for teaching me how to reach my dreams and create a fulfilling life.” – Rebecca Leach, Melbourne

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