Enter a Multidimensional Storyworld

Cosmic Journey is a transformational fantasy series that guides you on a journey of personal growth and spiritual awakening. Blending visionary fiction with immersive learning, Cosmic Journey provides a fun and entertaining way for you to discover and activate your purpose. 

Cosmic Journey consists of 3 novels and 3 immersive learning experiences. These are all set in the same storyworld: a fictional universe that resides in a complex, multidimensional reality.

Each installment in the series is designed as a self-contained experience. That means you can enter the series from anywhere – you don’t need any prior knowledge of the storyworld.


Meet colourful characters. Explore a multidimensional universe. Journey to the higher dimensions of reality.


Discover and activate your soul's purpose. Experience deep inner shifts. Raise your vibrational frequency.


Be part of a collective. Help take power back from the global elites. Play an active role at this pivotal time.

Choose Your Own Transformational Adventure

The novels in the series explore some of the big picture spiritual and philosophical ideas of our time. In particular, where our world is heading and some of the changes needed for humanity to survive. They have a humorous, satirical, and playful tone. The writing is suitable for readers age 15+. 

The immersive learning experiences allow you to enter the Cosmic Journey storyworld and go on your own adventure. They blend storytelling with tools for personal and spiritual growth to create an entertaining transformational experience.

Explore the Cosmic Journey Universe

The Twelve Attunements

A fun story of spiritual awakening and raising your vibration. In this action-packed adventure, you’ll journey with a colourful cast of characters as they awaken to higher states of awareness and the deeper purpose of life on Earth and in the Universe. Enjoy an exciting story that helps you open your third eye and see yourself as a spiritual being who is part of an infinite cosmic force.

The Attunement Journey

A fun adventure to discover and activate your soul’s purpose. In this immersive learning experience, you’ll beam aboard a flying saucer and journey to the higher dimensions of reality in the Cosmic Journey storyworld. Go on a fun quest to create a meaningful life doing what you’re passionate about and help play your part during this critical time of planetary transformation.

Release date 2020.

The Thirteen Codes

A fun story that explores topics such as artificial intelligence, Gaia theory, and the awakening of a global brain. 

Release date TBA.

The Code Journey

An immersive transformational experience. More info coming soon.

Release date TBA.

The Seven Symbols

A fun story that explores topics such as simulation theory, the transcension hypothesis, and non-duality.

Release date TBA.

The Symbol Journey

An immersive transformational experience. More info coming soon.

Release date TBA.

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