Manifesto for a Better World

We live at a critical moment in human civilisation. The global challenges we face are unprecedented. Climate change, species extinction, corporate greed, political corruption, the ever real possibility of a third world war… Everywhere you look, it seems like we are heading towards complete planetary crisis.

It’s hard not to feel disillusioned. Particularly when you turn on the news and see the bozos who are in charge of getting us out of this mess.

We Must Change the Way We Think

But while solving all of these problems might seem like an impossible task, it isn’t. Because, at their core, these problems are essentially all the same problem. They exist because of the way we think. We think of ourselves as being separate from each other and from nature. This way of thinking results in self-serving and destructive behaviour that doesn’t serve our highest good.

If humanity is to survive, we must change the way we think. We must start to think of ourselves as being interconnected and interdependent – both with each other, and with nature. This doesn’t mean we all have to sit around in circles or start hugging each other. It just means acknowledging that we are all part of a much larger whole and acting from this awareness.

A New Paradigm is Unfolding

This change in thinking, combined with our creativity and innovation, will enable us to find solutions to our global problems. Over time, this new awareness will ripple throughout our global society and create a more harmonious and sustainable way of life. This may seem like an idealism, but it is the only thing that will save our species. The longer we take to accept this, the bigger the gamble we play with our future.

A Movement is Growing

Thankfully, there are many people who already realise this. You might not yet see much evidence of this change in thinking in the mainstream media, or hear our viewpoints expressed by those in positions of political power, but there is an ever-growing movement taking shape on our planet helping this new way of thinking to unfold.

Our World is Transforming

The people who make up this movement come from a variety of cultures and are of all ages, but we have many traits in common:

We are concerned about where the planet is heading and can see that the current way of life on Earth is unsustainable.

We are frustrated by the corrupt government and power systems all over the world.

We know that those in positions of power don’t usually act in the best interests of the people they govern or the environment.

We sense that there’s more to reality than meets the eye. There’s a grander purpose for our lives and the Universe.

We are aware of a so-called spiritual dimension to reality and understand that this dimension holds the key to a more meaningful and harmonious life.

We realise that the choices and actions we make today as individual citizens will determine the survival of our planet and all humankind.

Changing the way that we think is no easy task. It requires nothing less than the total transformation of the self. But we are making progress. The old way of thinking is crumbling. And as it does, a remarkable thing is happening. We are beginning to realise that:

Earth is a single living organism spinning in what is ultimately a highly intelligent Universe.

We have a unique purpose for being alive at this time. This purpose is intrinsically linked with our personal journey of personal growth.

We all have a role to play in the positive transformation of our world.

Keep Going

This is an extraordinary time to be alive. Never before have things hung by such a thread, yet never before has there been such potential for our species.

Real transformation won’t come from our current political leaders, but from each and every one of us doing what we can to help seed a new way of thinking on Earth.

We must accelerate this phenomenon before the clock strikes midnight.

Any steps you take to transform serve to transform the collective. As we achieve a critical mass, our world will transform.

One era is ending. A new one is just beginning.

Keep going, fellow Journeyer.

You’re more powerful than you think.

New Generation by Desert Dwellers, featuring Dar Pan

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